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Are you looking to take your business to the next level? Perhaps increase staff and sales? To maximise productivity and streamline your business process? Then our business advisory service is the solution.

Grow Advisory Group provide holistic business advice based on your business, your goals, and the economy. Our experienced business advisors understand that, for your business to thrive, it needs to operate smoothly – like a well-oiled machine. A successful business is backed by a strong business strategy, confident decision-making, growth exploration, and competitive benchmarking.  These are just some of the areas our Gold Coast business advisory service covers.

Whether you’ve been in business for years, planning to sell your business, or about to embark on a new business venture, our business advisors can help you capitalise your business.

Business Advisory Services

We offer a range of business advisory services to help you manage staff, streamline operations, stay compliant and protected, and grow your business.

  • Business Diagnostics
  • Financial and KPI Reporting
  • Exit & Succession Planning
  • HR and Policies & Procedures
  • Health & Safety Management
  • Job Description Definitions
  • Staff Planning
  • Leave Planning
  • Performance Reviews
  • ISO Documentation & Compliance

Business & Strategic Planning

Does your business have a plan, or do you take things day by day? Without a plan, your business is heading for failure. A well-planned strategy will spur motivation and allow others to see your vision.

At Grow Advisory, we offer Business & Strategic Planning as part of our business advisory service to help businesses, like yours, build a track, and then stay on that track. Our business plans cover vital areas such as market research, forecasting, visions and goals – and how to achieve them, workforce demands, competitive analysis, and financial reporting, including cash-flow forecasts and income projections. Our business plans also look at marketing strategies and costs and inputs needed to run the business. We cover every basis to deliver a sound plan that will help pave the way for business success.

Financial and KPI Reporting

The only way to keep track of a business’s financial health is through Financial and KPI Reporting, which is another business advisory service we offer here at Grow Advisory Group.

Financial and KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Reporting covers every aspect of your business, including all strategies, financial, obstacles and action plans in an easy to view and easy to understand report.

You can track progress against goals and targets in your business plan to keep focused on your overall business objective and improve performance.

Exit Planning & Readiness

Whether you’re looking to sell your business today or 10-years down the track, you never know what is around the corner. Having a business exit plan or succession plan in place will ensure you maximise your business’s sale price at the time of transition and build value.

Our business advisory service can guide you through the entire exit & succession planning process. Our Gold Coast business advisors can provide all the required reports and a clear exit plan that stipulates your goals and wishes.tKA We can help identify gaps and produce stunning action plans to have you exist or succession ready.

Compliance & WHS

Compliance and Workplace Health and Safety are essential to business. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure you provide a safe, hazard-free environment for staff and customers. Understanding, complying and remaining compliant with WHS compliance regulations will help prevent any avoidable costs and possible legal proceedings.

Our business advisors can review your business and do the due diligence for you. We can provide all necessary ISO documentation and compliance requirements to protect your business.

Our Business Advisory

Our Business Advisory

A successful business is a healthy business.

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