Business Advisory – An Approach Beyond the Balance Sheet

Business Advisory – An Approach Beyond the Balance Sheet

You probably understand the nature of a Financial Advisers or Business Consultants role, but when you hear the term “Business Advisor”, you may think to yourself, what the heck is that? Do I need one? Can they help?

Let us cut to the chase and delve into the world of advisory for businesses and why they’re so relevant in today’s numbers driven world.

What is Business Advisory?

A business adviser primarily acts as the go-to guy for analysing potential risks, threats and opportunities whilst helping to provide advice that a) shrink costs b) bolster the efficiency of businesses and c) strategically solve problems.

While they may already sound like miracle men, they are also usually responsible for providing guidance around how to utilise the latest technology- through real time data- to help manage the function of a business or conglomerate.

An advisory board can offer the business owner or managing partners objective insight, perspective and guidance pertaining to growth, operations, exit planning and various other business topics.

Business advisory is more than just helping clients understanding figures – it’s about fostering growth, relationships and seizing opportunities you didn’t see coming.

A successful business advisory partnership challenges you, informs you, allows you to harness strategic skills and provides answers to those difficult questions or decisions any respectable business owners needs a healthy nudge with when it comes to scaling their business.

What is Business Advisory Services?

Business Advisors aim at helping organisations identify strengths and overcome weaknesses in order to unlock growth. Advisors tend to be either mentors, business coaches, or accountants, who provide strategic and financial guidance to hold clients accountable and achieve their goals.

There is no question: small businesses want & need an objective sounding board to help them move forward in the direction of their forecasts. For firms, the final frontier is not financial reporting, but instead, business advisory.

With advanced financial knowledge, and insight around the client’s business strategy, providing solid advice is the inevitable next step.

Whilst this may sound “time-consuming” or complicated, it’s actually very straight forward. With the proliferation of tech-based solutions, accountants can easily bridge the gap between their knowledge and identifying client’s needs.

As Aladdin once said, “it is a whole new world, and its shining, shimmering … but it’s and strategic”.

Primary Services include:

As Steve Once Explained, Its Lonely at the Top…

Owner isolation is a real issue for business owners. Understanding ways to effectively deal with it can help your business go from zero to one hundred.

In a wide-ranging interview in 2016, five years after taking over from Steve Jobs, Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke candidly about the challenges of running one of the world’s most iconic companies. “It’s sort of a lonely job”, he admitted. This is the first in a multi-part series that looks at real issues faced by business owners and how they are addressed with the help of an outside advisory board

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