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Are you looking for a registered tax accountant? An accountant to advise on your tax compliance obligations? An accountant to provide professional tax advice? A tax return accountant to help you get the biggest tax return possible? If you said yes to either of these questions, then it’s time you considered switching to the best tax accountants on the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads, Grow Advisory Group.

Grow Advisory Group are specialists in the field of tax returns. With a team of registered tax agents, we have just the tax accountant for you; a tax accountant that will make sure you receive the best possible tax return at the end of each financial year; an accountant that will work with you to ensure you make the right choices towards tax-efficiency.

We offer a range of accounting services, but tax accounting is our forte. Whether you’re an individual, sole trader, contractor, partnership, business, or company, we can assist you with all your tax needs and requirements.

With decades of experience, our registered tax accountants can provide you with the right tax advice, information, and tax planning strategies. Our accountants can prepare and lodge your tax return, ensure you meet your tax compliance obligations, review any possible tax risks, and work with you to get a great tax refund.

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Individual Tax Returns

Not all individual tax returns are straight forward, and not all individuals have the time to complete their tax return. Moreover, preparing an individual tax return can be quite daunting, especially if you have additional income streams from shares, investments, an investment property, etc. The information required seems endless. The ATO has the ability to access such income streams, so they need to be included in your tax return.

If you’re struggling with your individual tax return, then contact Grow Advisory Group, the Gold Coast’s individual tax experts. We offer a wide range of tax services aimed at increasing your tax return and can assign dedicated tax agents to complete your tax return.

Your Gold Coast Individual Tax Return Tax Agent

While not everyone chooses to have a registered tax accountant prepare and lodge their tax return, there are many benefits. Having Grow Advisory Group manage your tax return means you have an extension on the due date, from 31 October to 15 May the following year. It will also ensure all income required streams are declared, which could otherwise result in serious repercussions. Additionally, our experience means every possible deduction is claimed to ensure you maximise your tax return.

Individual tax returns are usually affordable and quick to complete providing you have the required information. If you’re running out or are looking for an accountant to relief you of your tax return burdens, then call Grow Advisory Group; your Gold Coast tax accounting agency.

Contact us to request information on our individual tax return fee structure.

Individual tax returns are due 15 May if lodged by a registered tax agent. For more information, visit the ATO’s website.

Sole Trader and Contractor Tax Returns

At Grow Advisory Group, we understand that as a sole trader or contractor, you probably don’t have the time to manage both your business and tax obligations. So when it’s time to think about your tax return, you are covered in a cloud of dread.

As a sole trader, you have to do everything yourself; run your business, service your customers, and keep up with your bookkeeping obligations, which isn’t always possible. For this reason, we provide affordable and efficient tax return services for clients like you.

On top of your business income, many sole traders and contractors also have investments; whether it be an investment property, shares, Bitcoin, or something else. Such investments can make a simple tax return a lot more complicated; and who wants complications?

Your Gold Coast Sole Trader Tax Agent

Our accountants will take into account all legal deductions; work expenses, property expenses, motor vehicle expenses, etc., to get you the tax refund you deserve – for a low accounting fee.

If you’re looking to offload your tax burdens to a professional and registered tax agent, then look to Grow Advisory Group. We work with Gold Coast employers just like you on a daily basis, and therefore, we understand your needs and limitations. We also understand tax regulations and allowable deductions of a sole trader or contractor. Best of all, you don’t have to take time out of your busy day to meet with us. You can provide all the required financial information online and over the phone.

Make the right decision for your financial future by contacting Grow Advisory Group; the leading sole trader tax accounting agency on the Gold Coast. We offer a wide range of services aimed at increasing your tax return, and we offer a flexible fee structure.

Contact us to request information on our tax return fee structure and find out how our tax agent can help you reduce your tax bill. Act today!

Sole Trader and Contractor tax returns are due 15 May if lodged by a registered tax agent. For more information, visit the ATO’s website.

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Partnership Tax Returns

Do you need Gold Coast tax agent that specialised in partnership tax returns? Then look no further than Grow Advisory Group. We have a tax agent that specialises in partnership tax returns and financial services for small businesses structured as a business partnership.

A tax return will notify the ATO of your partnership’s net income, which can then be distributed between the partners based on the partnership agreement. However, lodging a tax return for a partnership is a little more involved than an individual or company tax return. With a business partnership, a tax return must be prepared and lodged for the partnership and an individual tax return must also be prepared and lodged for each of its partners. It’s important to understand the tax requirements and potential issues relating to partnerships.

Your Gold Coast Partnership Tax Return Tax Agent

If you require professional accounting advice on partnerships or need help with lodge tax returns, then make sure you avail the services of the Gold Coast’s leading partnership tax return accountants, Grow Advisory Group.

Contact us to request information on our tax return fee structure and find out how we can assist your business to reduce its tax bill with our tax return service.

Partnership tax returns are due 15 May if lodged by a registered tax agent.

Business Tax Returns

As a business owner, it can be very tough to stay on top of the everyday running operations of your business its tax requirements. If you recognise that your time is best spent running your business and not spent at a computer trying to complete your income tax return, then make sure you contact a professional tax agent.

Your Gold Coast Business Tax Return Tax Agent

Grow Advisory Group offer a range of financial services for businesses, including income tax services. Our tax accountants provide expert guidance to assist business owners like you maximise your tax returns. We specialise in tax accounting for all industry sectors, and constantly monitor the ever-changing tax legislation to ensure you’re business is always compliant. Our tax agents can provide estimates on how much tax you have to pay, and work with you, one on one, either in person, online or via the phone, to ensure your tax obligations are met. We are available when you are available. Our goal is to ensure your businesses’ tax obligations are met.

Additionally, our tax agents can also assist with any ATO issues, offer professional tax advice and planning strategies, and assist with capital gains tax, fringe benefits tax, and payroll tax.

Please contact us to request information on our tax return fee structure and find out how we can improve your business taxes.

Business tax returns are due 15 May if lodged by a registered tax agent.

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Company Tax Returns

Do you need a Gold Coast tax return expert to manage your company tax obligations? Turn to Grow Advisory Group. We offer a range of accounting services to aid Gold Coast businesses, including tax returns. Our tax accountants will ensure your company stays abreast of its tax obligations and provide tax advice either online, via the phone, or in-person in our Gold Coast or Tweed Heads office.

We will calculate how much tax you have to pay and provide estimates throughout the year to better manage cash flow. We are Gold Coast company tax experts and have the skills and experience to help you lower your taxes and increase your tax refund.

For tax return advice, get in touch with us today. It’s never too early to start planning for the end of financial year! For our information on our tax return fee structure and to find out how we can serve your company with its taxes, please get in touch.

Company tax returns are due 15 May the following financial year if lodged by a registered tax agent.

Get the best tax return with Grow Advisory Group


Don’t let another year pass using the same old tax accountant that doesn’t push to get you the best tax return results. Put your needs first and choose a tax accountant that will act for you to improve your financial position – to get you the biggest tax return you have ever had!

If you would like information on our tax return fee structure or more information on our tax services, please phone our office and speak with a tax agent – 07 5502 1388 (Gold Coast) or 07 5599 5700 (Tweed Heads).

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Other Tax Accounting Services

In addition to preparing and lodging tax returns for individuals, businesses, and companies, etc., our Gold Coast tax accountants can also provide a range of additional tax accounting services to assist with your tax requirements.

If you’re looking to improve your tax return or entrust your tax obligations with a tax accounting firm, then turn to Grow Advisory Group. We have your tax needs covered from A to Z. Whether you require tax advice, tax planning, tax preparation, tax compliance, tax risk management, or all of the above, we have just the tax accountant to meet see that all your needs are met. If you’re looking to lower your taxes and increase your tax refund, then we can certainly be of assistance.

Contact us to find a Grow Advisory Group tax agent near you.

  • Tax Advice

    Whether you’re an individual, sole trader, business, partnership, company, or otherwise, you can always benefit from tax advice. Tax isn’t your speciality, so you’re not expected to know the latest ATO updates, and how they can work in your favour.

    If you’re looking to get a good tax refund this year, then input from a tax agent will definitely give you the leg-up. With the right guidance, you can minimise your taxes and maximise your tax return.

    How we can help

    Your assigned Grow Advisory Group tax accountant can review your financial situation and offer one-on-one tax advice tailored to your requirements. Your tax accountant will look at your assets (investment property, shares, investments, etc.) and your business structure and provide advice to minimise your taxes and maximise your tax return.

    If you have a business or company, our tax advice service can also assist with business registration, Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT), Good & Services Tax (GST), Payroll Tax and Business Activity Statement (BAS) preparation and lodgement. OIur tax accountants can also give tax advice on trust establishment and company structure.

  • Tax Planning

    A good tax return doesn’t just happen. It takes planning; tax planning. The purpose of tax planning is to ensure tax efficiency; to increase your tax refund and minimise your liabilities. This can be done through a number of tax planning strategies, short-term and long-term, to meet your goals. Simply put, a tax planning specialist will improve your financial position through tax-efficient strategies.

    How we can help

    Grow Advisory Group’s accountants provide tax planning services to manage your taxes and gain control over your financial position. Our tax agent accountants will review your financial information, estimated income and expense, and recommend one or more tax-efficient strategies that will reduce your tax obligations, legally.

    Business tax planning strategy

    A good business tax planning strategy will look towards reducing your company tax rate, maximise deductions, maximise deductible superannuation contributions, write off bad debt, consider salary sacrifice arrangement, defer investment income and capital gains, claim accelerated depreciation, claim investment property depreciation, and look at small business concessions, amongst other strategies.

    Individual tax planning strategy

    A good individual tax planning strategy will look focus on investment property depreciation, accelerated depreciation, deferring income, repayments, SMSF establishment (if you have 500K in super), maximise negative gearings, and claim tax-deductible super contributions, borrowing to invest, amongst other strategies.

  • Tax Preparation

    Approaching tax time can be very scary; especially if you have no idea how much tax you have to pay. A tax preparation service can alleviate the cloud of stress that hangs over you each year. Tax preparation will identify all deductions you are entitled, and ensure you comply with your accounting obligations.

    Business tax preparation

    A good business tax preparation service will streamline your tax process and help minimise your tax risks. It will ensure you meet your tax obligations on time and that you receive any and all tax concessions you are entitled.

    Individual tax preparation

    A good individual tax preparation service ensures you claim all entitled deductions in your tax lodgement to maximise your tax refund.

    How we can help

    Our Gold Coast accountants will advise what information we require and do all the stressful calculations ahead of lodge tax returns.

    Your assigned tax agent will request all relevant documents (income statements such as employee payment summary, PAYG withholding, superannuation information, investment property income statements) and payment summaries (summary of employee income), along with other all your claimable deductions, to calculate how much tax you have to pay. They will determine if any adjustments to your BAS will result in an amount payable or refundable, and prepare all the required documentation ahead of lodgement.

    You can calculate how much tax you may need to pay by using Moneysmart’s Income Tax Calculator.

  • Tax Compliance

    Tax isn’t meant to be easy. It’s complex and layered with obligation after obligation. If you’re considered about meeting your tax obligations or worried that you may indirectly overlook an important tax obligation, then you need a tax compliance expert such as Grow Advisory Group.

    Tax compliance is as just important as lodging a tax return. It can be very easy for yourself or even an accountant who isn’t up-to-date with the latest legislation changes to make a mistake, which can result in server penalties, ATO investigations and non-compliance fines. Something as innocent as forgetting to declare income property income can get you into serious trouble. Don’t run the risk of becoming non-compliant and having the ATO in your tail; it’s just not worth it.

    How we can help

    Our tax agents are breast with the latest ATO registrations to ensure you remain tax complement at all times. Our accountants will ensure your tax return is lodged before the due date, that all personal and company income and deductions are declared accurately, and, that you pay levies and assessed taxes on time.

    Grow Advisory Group’s tax compliance services will help you sleep well at night knowing we’ve dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s. Your assigned tax agent will act on your behalf and provide advice on how to stay compliment with your tax obligations.

  • Tax Risk Management

    Does your business present any potential tax risks? Do you know? Tax laws are always changing and without proper tax risk management, your business may be operating outside the tax law boundaries.

    How we can help

    Our tax risk management accountants can review your business operations and deductions to manage risk with an established and operational risk management policy. We can conduct a tax audit or review, provide risk advise on tax schemes and implement improvements to enhance controls deliver value to your business.

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