Tax Returns Gold Coast

Tax Returns

At Grow Advisory Group, we aim to get you the LARGEST possible tax return in the shortest possible time. We are committed to maximising your profit and minimising your tax. We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different; thus, we treat each return individually to get you the BEST results possible.

We offer a $0 up-front fee option to eliminate the worry of having to pay before receiving your tax return. We also provide a FREE annual subscription to ReceiptBank™️ worth $40 per month with every Tax Return we prepare.

Our Gold Coast tax return services include the following areas of expertise:

  • BAS & IAS preparation and lodgement
  • Income tax return preparation
  • Maximising tax deductions
  • Rental schedules
  • Capital gains tax schedules
  • Sole trader business schedules
  • Dividend and Investment schedules
  • Employee share scheme advice
  • Excess Concessional Contributions Advice
  • Associate leases and novated leases setup and advise
  • Division 293 tax advice

Stop paying the ATO more than you have to. Receive the maximum possible tax refund with thanks to the Gold Coast tax refund experts, Grow Advisory Group. Read our post ‘Tax Return 2021 FAQs; Your Questions, Answered!‘ for information on Tax Return 2021.

Tax Planning

Take control of your finances and set yourself up for success with Grow Advisory Group’s tax planning services. We formulate our tax estimates based on your individual needs and requirements to help minimise your payable tax. We can help you decide where to direct your funds before the end of the financial year and make informed decisions about your assets.

Our Gold Coast tax planning services include:

  • Annual tax estimate preparation
  • Specialist taxation advice
  • Tax Planning optimisation
  • Tax estimate scenarios
  • CGT estimations
  • Taxation audit assistance
  • Fringe Benefits Tax
  • Negative Gearing strategies
  • Investment property estimations
  • Superannuation contribution scenarios

Our expert Gold Coast tax planners will guide you in the right direction to minimise your tax and get you the best tax result possible.

Tax Planning Gold Coast
superannuation advice gold coast

Superannuation Advice

Plan a comfortable retirement with a tax-efficient superannuation strategy tailored to your needs. We work closely with you to devise a bespoke plan that aligns with your goals to maximise your future wealth. We provide up-to-date advice to help you better understand your superannuation options.

Our Gold Coast superannuation services include:

  • Superannuation contribution advice
  • Superannuation spousal contribution advice
  • Superannuation compliance advice
  • Salary sacrifice superannuation advice
  • Investment structure advice
  • In-specie contributions implementation
  • Self Managed Super Fund establishment and management

Start making your super better work for you by entrusting Grow Advisory Group with your retirement fund.

Rental Property Accounting

Grow Advisory Group are experts in the field of real estate and commercial rental properties. We will guide you through the rules and regulations to ensure you get the maximum return on your investment. We will help you understand what you can and can’t claim and how this affects your tax position.

Our expertise is the rental property area can help with:

  • Depreciation
  • Tax minimisation guidance
  • Land tax-deductibility and minimisation
  • Capital Gains Tax estimates
  • Negative and positive gearing
  • Investment forecasts
  • Ownership structure advice

Understand what you can claim to get the most out of your investment by partnering with Grow Advisory Group, Gold Coast rental property accountants you can count on.

Rental Property Accounting Gold Coast
Capital Gains Tax Accounting Gold Coast

Capital Gains Tax Accounting

Are you looking to sell an investment property, business, or shares? Then you will need to pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT).

Grow Advisory Group assesses all CGT consequences, making you aware of the gain on disposal of CGT assets. We can provide a CGT estimate and initiate proactive measures to ensure you pay as little CGT as possible.

We safeguard a minimum payment by:

  • Defining Capital Gains Tax scenarios
  • Applying CGT Discounts and concessions
  • Determining the correct cost base
  • Ensuring tax exemptions apply

Find out how much CGT you may have to pay, and more importantly if now is the best time to sell with a tax planning estimate from Grow Advisory Group.

Deceased Estates Accounting

The passing of a loved one is a sad time, which can be worsened by the complications of dealing with a deceased estate. It’s the last thing you want to deal with when grieving the loss of a loved one.

Our Gold Coast deceased estates accounting experts can help make this painful time a little easier by taking care of their tax affairs for you. We can appoint a legal representative on your behalf to manage all the legal responsibilities, including their tax affairs.

Grow Advisory Group can assist with:

  • Final tax return for the deceased
  • Estate Tax File Number applications
  • Missing Tax File Numbers
  • Estate income tax returns
  • Solicitor liaisons
  • Collection of any death benefits
  • Withholding tax obligations of the estate

Enlist the aid of experienced Gold Coast deceased estates accountants and gain peace of mind knowing we’ll take care of your estate tax obligations.

Deceased Estates Accounting Gold Coast

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