How to Choose a Gold Coast Business Advisor

How to Choose a Gold Coast Business Advisor

Is 2021 the year where you’re going to be pro-active in the success of your business? Is your New Year’s Resolution to take your business from A to B; to be more competitive; to hire more staff; to be more profitable? These are wishes that every Gold Coast business owner has, but unfortunately, many don’t know to make them come to fruition. They don’t know where to start or who to turn to.

The answer is a Gold Coast business advisor, such as the skilled business advisors at Grow Advisory Group.

If 2021 is the year where it’s all going to happen for your business, then you’d better get cracking by choosing a Gold Coast business advisor! But wait, before you do, you need to make sure you select an excellent advisor. After all, the fate of your business depends on your decision!

To help you choose an excellent Gold Coast business advisor, we have compiled a list of tips. While we’d love to save you time and effort by saying “we’re the best, give us a call,” we will let you make your own decision. Hopefully, you will come to the same conclusion 😊

Services & Specialties

Accountants are among the most common Gold Coast business advisers and offer business advice as just one of their many services. The benefit of choosing an accountant as your Gold Coast business advisor is that they will have a grasp of your financial situation and provide relevant business advice pertaining to buying, growing or selling a business, tax-efficiency strategies, deductions and concessions, and your employee obligations, compliance obligations, amongst other things. The other benefit here is, of course, one firm can take care of all your business needs.

Also, look at the business industries that they specialise in to see if your industry is listed. Choosing a Gold Coast business advisor who is familiar with your industry ensures you have a leg-up.

Personal Compatibility

It helps that you actually like your Gold Coast business advisor! You will be placing a lot of trust in their advice; thus, you will want full confidence in their ability and capabilities. Any friction between yourself and your advisor will undoubtedly lead to problems.

Start by arranging a no-obligation meeting with the prospective advisors and make sure they are the ones who will be managing your business – that it won’t be passed down to a less experienced advisor. Enquire about their approach and process, and decide if you’re comfortable with the answers they provide.

Communication & Availability

Good communication is a must for a trusted business advisor relationship. Gage whether the prospective business advisors communicate well – and explain things in plain English so you fully understand their advice. You don’t want a Gold Coast business advisor that is more focused on using technical jargon to appear cleaver than to speak to you in terms that you’ll understand.

Also, ask what level of availability they offer with their service. Are you able to reach them via phone or email at any time? Are you able to arrange meetings, and how often? Ensure the service on offer will meet your expectations.


Last of all, look at the Gold Coast business advisors fee structure. Some business advisory services offer fixed monthly fees, others charge by the hours. Ask upfront in your meeting to see if their fee structure is fair and figure out which is best for you. But, don’t choose a Gold Coast business advisor on fees alone! You need to take into consideration the value for money and the other items mentioned in this article and then make an informed decision.


Choosing a Gold Coast business advisor is an excellent business decision, but one that shouldn’t be made with haste. After all, the future of your business may depend on it! Therefore, it pays to do due diligence in choosing the best GFold Coast business advisor, which we’d like to think you’ll find right here at Grow Advisory Group.

To help you select the best business advisor on the Gold Coast, we suggest you review their services and specialty areas to see if they align with your business and business needs. Meet with the prospective advisors to establish if you have compatible personalities, and that speaks in a language you can understand. Lastly, enquire about their availability and fees. But, don’t base your decision solely on price; this really should be only a contributing factor.

We welcome you to make an appointment with one of our very talented Gold Coast business advisors to see if you agree that we’re the best on the Gold Coast!

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