How an expert accountant or bookkeeper can help drive your business

How an expert accountant or bookkeeper can help drive your business

Are you still spending hours and hours managing your business finances? Do you ever find yourself thinking you would rather be working on growing your business than handling the day to day tedium of payroll, accounts payable, tax and cash flow?

If so it’s definitely time for a bookkeeper. Not only does a qualified bookkeeper give you time and space to work ON your business, but an expert bookkeeper can also help drive your business to success.

How? you ask…well here are the top 5 ways expert bookkeeping can help:

A good bookkeeper can take ownership of your day to day finances & payroll

The mental energy and time spent managing your daily finances and processing payroll take away from time spent training your staff, improving your products, delivering services, creating strategies, working with your customers – you name it!

All these things are essential in improving and growing your business, yet they tend to be pushed to the side when you take care of your business finances and payroll yourself. A good bookkeeper can essentially take care of the day to day tasks and free you up to work on improving and growing your business.

Maintain your tax compliance

Having an accurate tax management strategy in place is vital for businesses who want to avoid unexpectedly large tax bills at the end of the financial year. Far too many business owners and amateur bookkeepers just estimate and keep loose tax records with the intention of ‘sorting it out’ at the end of the year.

An expert bookkeeper will have up to date and accurate tax records and payment schedules ensuring your business is tax compliant, maximising cash flow and reducing the risk of surprise expensive tax bills.

Produce financial statements and reports to guide decision making

It’s important to have the right insights to make informed business decisions that will positively drive your business. A good bookkeeper can report on trends, identify areas to cut expenses and produce robust financial reports to drive your decision making and business direction.

Streamline cash management

Knowing when and how to spend your cash, and when to hold onto it goes a long way in making sure your business functions efficiently. Having enough cash capital to invest in the equipment, services, supplies and support your business needs when it matters most is essential for owners who want to grow their business.

A growth-focused bookkeeper like Grow Advisory can optimise your cash management strategies to help build a floating reserve so you can invest in growing your business.

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