How We Continue to Modernise our Methods and Stay COVID Safe

How We Continue to Modernise our Methods and Stay COVID Safe

With our world still enduring a viral pandemic, it’s no secret that above-board personal hygiene is a crucial and consistent act we must follow in order to protect ourselves and safeguard against others in falling victim to the illness. Questions pertaining to proper business practices, frequency of sterilisation and most effective office structures have been circulating our board room frequently over the course of the past year.

Why? To ensure we are following protocol so our staff and clients can safely make their way home, each day, to the ones they love. Whilst we pride ourselves on protecting your investments, we are wholeheartedly invested in protecting the lives of our clients too.

The positive feedback we have received so far from valued clients with respect to our COVID safety measures have certainly been assuring and appreciated, so much so, we thought we would share our tips to other business’s who may be out of the loop on how to apply the additional efforts to maintain a healthy and hygienic workspace.

Here are some recommended tips:

Clean Consistently and Correctly

With regular and effective cleaning, your hygiene will contribute to a safer environment no matter where you go. Applying a half-hearted washing technique can lead to some undesirable consequences for the community, so make sure you are rubbing in between fingers and around cuticles for no less than sixty seconds.

Better yet, carry some hand sanitiser with you at all times so you aren’t reliant on the community or small businesses who offer it freely.

Whilst there are a number of commercial-grade soaps and cleaning products available, be sure to purchase one that isn’t too harmful on your skin.

This leads us to our next point. Cleaning your environment.

Steer Clear of Harsh Chemicals

Harsh chemicals such as dishwashing detergent, chlorine, bleach and other household or office cleaning products can wreak havoc on your skin. While your environment might look nice and shiny after a fresh clean, prolonged exposure to these chemicals can be dangerous when constantly inhaling. Instead, try and use organic products, particularly on surfaces that your hands constantly touch.

Structure Your Office Spaciously

In our newly transformed covid-conscious world, office layouts and designs are changing and evolving in order to ensure the highest standards of social distancing practices are incorporated, and that is certainly something we have considered and implemented at Grow Advisory Group.

With the aim of protecting the community, we encourage businesses to invest in practical office features in order to adhere to government regulations to effectively navigate our new world. We have heard the 1.5 m distance rule at all times, along with mask wearing but there are other ways companies can increase protection. Some recommendations include;

  • Visual Signage
  • Safety Screens
  • Furnished Barriers
  • Spaced Desks.

As we reach a positive turning point and the dust settles, we are predicting to be further inundated with business advisory clients for the latter part of the year.  Whether you are an existing client of Grow Advisory Group, you are looking to invest, or you would like some general taxation advice, we are here to help!

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